Tuesday 19 August 2014

Five Best Don Pardo Moments in SNL History

1) November 15, 1975: Casually adds the word "honey" to the end of every sentence he speaks throughout the entire episode

2) January 29, 2011: Spends a whole show yelping happily at a tiny squirrel named Footsy he'd brought into the booth to keep him company

3) October 31, 1981: In the middle of musical guest Fear's second song, Pardo repeatedly chain-whips one of the slam dancers brought in to populate the area in front of the stage. One of the dancers, Minor Threat frontman Ian MacKaye, is brought to tears by the sight of a merciless Pardo swinging his chain and yelling "Fake punks die!"

4) May 6, 1995: Adopts a thick yet surprisingly convincing Swedish accent for reasons that he never explained

5) February 20, 1988: Interrupts several sketches to read from his unpublished historical novel The Glistening Phony Horse of Horace Horst

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