Friday 29 June 2012

Top Ten Unsung Christopher Plummer Roles

1)   Scuff DcCoy, Unlicensed Sex Bomb (Fedoras of Fire, 1949)

2)   Carlton Critch, Cake Lawyer (Nice to Meetcha Mr. Shotgun, 1956)

3)   Pope of Snacktime (We Must Destroy the Pope of Snacktime, 1964)

4)   Sarcastic Surf Dude (Sure, THAT’LL Fit Over My ‘Fun Area’, 1968)

5)   Mudyard Kipling (Barf ‘Til Toledo, 1973)

6)   Frosty Hairpile (Frosty Hairpile Saves, Then Changes His Mind and Destroys, Christmas, 1977)

7)   De-Crotching Specialist #87 (Crotches: How Real Is The Threat?, government filmstrip, 1983)

8)   Guy Who Looooooooooves Ska-Punk (After All, Who DOESN’T Love Ska-Punk?, 1989)

9)   Younger Christopher Plummer (Older Christopher Plummer, 1995)

10) Screech (Saved By the Bell TV series, 1989-1993)

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