Sunday 3 February 2013

LIST: Ten Worst Super Bowl Halftime Shows

1) 1983: 8-year-old girl pretending to be a bossy housewife

2) 1985: Lead singer of Big Country doing a really terrible Malcolm Jamal-Warner impression

3) 1988: Elderly Polish man wearing only a towel and pretending a banana is a telephone

4) 1991: Thomas Jefferson wax doll covered in cake batter

5) 1995: Random fifteen-minute clip from "Johnny Mnemonic" on a 13" TV that no one in the stadium could really see

6) 1999: James Van Der Beek stumbling around the field pretending to almost drop a large bowl of punch

7) 2003: The kid who played DJ on Roseanne pretending that he doesn't like it when people ask him about Roseanne

8) 2006: Professional Oran "Juice" Jones impersonator Apple "Juice" Chuckwagon

9) 2009: A bunch of broken My Little Pony dolls sitting on top of Guy Fieri's naked stomach

10) 2011: Black Eyed Peas

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