Saturday 17 August 2013

LIST: Upcoming Shows!!!!

August 20- Standing in someone's barbecue pit, 44 Gilbert Street, 8 PM, bringer show (which reminds me: are there 24 people who want to come watch this? I really want a spot!)

August 23- Sheesha Denisha's Very Vigorous Vapor and Variety Venue and Petting Zoo, 9 PM

August 24- The Rivoli, 9 PM (showcase for upcoming NBC series Killin' Em, in which a bunch of comedians are thrown into a ravine)

August 27- Lying in bed weeping, 9 PM (warning: mostly new stuff)

August 29- Screaming into a sewer grate while clutching a newborn baby rabbit, 8 PM (Don't come to this)

September 1- Doing an Elmer Fudd impression while flipping through old issues of Interview magazine, The LOT, 10 PM (TV TAPING!!!!!!)

September 4- Finally getting around to seeing Pacific Rim, 7:30 PM, $10 plus another $10 with cost of snacks

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