Friday 7 September 2012

LIST: Ten Quotes From Obscure Al Pacino Movies

1) My pancreas is like a time bomb! (Dumb Janitor)

2) I hate my grandmother's attitude towards bellydancing! (Scuba Cops)

3) Well, well-ow, my breastbone!-well. (Twitter: The Movie)

4) This party just got uber-picante! (Butter n' Ribs: The Guy Fieri Story)

5) No, no, call me Merton. Senor Chubbycakes is my FATHER'S name. (Remember The Time The Planet Sneezed?)

6) I lost my right foot, and my left foot, but I still got my middle foot! (The War Between The Three-Footed People and Lil' Wayne's Entourage)

7) Hoo ah, hoo ah, hoo ah, hoo ah, hoo ah, lettuce is on aisle 5. (The Al Pacino Impersonator Who Forgot How to Love)

8) I piled some sausage in this bassinet and I'm pretending it's my baby! (House Party 4: House Party In Space)

9) Pour some rotgut on the wound and let's head out with guns blazing! (Disney's The Silly Little Puppies)

10) Ow! I shot myself right in the passion! (Kids, I Am NOT Going to Push You Off Mount Rushmore, I Swear!)

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