Wednesday 15 August 2012

LIST: Ten Great Expressions From the 1930's

1) "She's one saucy little pizza!"

2) "You're either rollin' a six or getting pelted by bricks!"

3) "That fella's really chompin' the credenza!"

4) "I oughta send that mug to the soup kitchen wearin' nothin' but a loose-fittin' tuxedo jacket!"

5) "I tell ya, I got the pancreas of a pancake!"

6) "What, not speakin'? Did the Lindbergh baby steal your voicebox and do the Charleston on top of it and then urinate on it in a fairly unnecessary display of scorn?"

7) "Oh no, I swallowed a fairly large steel pipe!"

8) "He fiddled when he should've diddled! But hey, who am I to judge- I've been hallucinating for four days."

9) "Boy, I'd love to paddle the pageboy with a very large thwaptraption!"

10) "Do you have any bread or water to spare? My family and I have been wandering for days and are very very hungry."

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