Tuesday 21 August 2012

LIST: Ten Titans of Industry

1) Goff Alderman, inventor of No-Natural Puff Meat Spread

2) Blink Jasen, head of the very powerful Anti-Definition Board

3) Alanaka Biwg, CEO of Leftpocket/Staine Industries

4) Gork Naeti, founder of Stray Bullet Playground Consortium

5) Niecey Duclois, who stands outside the Best Buy yelling "Why do I need bags of hair??!!" and somehow makes millions of dollars a year doing it

6) Stickey, a very silly dog, and I mean VERY silly

7) Galaneta Bigovia, who invented a Twitter app that allows you to read other Twitter users' tweets

8) Maeti Bowtow, who once suggested that bananas should be dyed red and gets pelted with millions of dollars worth of nickels every year as a result

9) Gonny Pugh, who DEFINITELY gets it

10) Elliot Boow, who NEVER WILL

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