Friday 24 August 2012

LIST: Ten Very Cool Grandmas

1) Nelly Sigurdson, who cooks her mailman a "psychedelic chicken pot pie" every Friday

2) Ellie McGee, who doesn't understand all this froufra about the kids having the sex and the whatnot. As long as they're being responsible, let 'em have fun!

3) Evelyn Thompson, who accidentally walked into an anarchist bookstore last week and asked them if they have "any new James Herriot"

4) Annie Buford, who refers to those fatcat politicians in Ottawa as "boomerangs" because they're all crooked!

5) Stella Ginty, who is going to drive HERSELF to see Ron James, thank you very much!

6) Elma Jackson, who sometimes wears a Ramones T-shirt when she volunteers at wedding socials

7) Betty Barrie, who is taking yoga classes regardless of what that old cuss of a hubby thinks!

8) Alice Westwood, who likes to spice up her scripture readings at Sunday service by delivering them like she's an insult comic like Don Rickles!

9) Madge Allison, who likes to listen to the radio while she bakes so she knows what music to buy the grandkids on Christmas

10) Harriet Neilor, who figures that age isn't a number- it's a state of mind!

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