Saturday 4 August 2012

LISTLESS: Ten Best Dance Songs To Ever Appear On A "Much Dance" Compilation

1) Mr. Oonce Oonce, "Oonce Oonce Oonce Oonce (I Feel Nothing For My Disowned Son)"

2) 2 Sexy 4 My Job As A Customs Agent, "Please Declare If You Are Horny"

3) MC Monkey Michael and the Banana Crew, "I Am Currently Despondent Due to Romantic and Digestive Difficulties"

4) Clang!, "Do NOT Ask Me How This Happened, But I Accidentally Whipped Myself In The Lower Back"

5) Unlimited To What I Feel Is Probably An Excessive Degree, "Probably Wouldn't Have Fallen Into That Open Sewer While Dancing If My Eyes Had Been Open"

6) Fake Hair Creek, "I Dropped My Pizza (Sex Euphemism)"

7) Amigos Del Legos, "Look I Made a Model Of Our House (Sex Euphemism)"

8) Dance Cap, "Sit In The Corner And Think About What You've Danced"


10) Cipher, "What An Amazing Song This Is!!! (Shitty Song Remix)"

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