Tuesday 31 July 2012

LISTAROONIO: Great 70's Funk Album Titles

1) Locked in the Funk of a Car

2) Slam Funk

3) Funk and Disorderly

4) Funk Mail

5) The Benedictine Funks of Santo Dofunko De Soulis

6) Elements of Wild Style by Funk and White

7) I Funked Out of Veterinary School, So Now I’m A Carnie Working The Funk Tank

8) I Can’t Believe I Funked All Of My Life Savings Into This Artificial Groove Thang

9) Shit, I Just Got Sprayed By A Rabid Funk! AND I Lost My Life Savings!

10) Life Feels Hopeless Because I Just Feel Like My Existence Is In No Way Meaningfunk

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