Sunday 8 July 2012

LISTICLE: Ten Unpopular 80's Boy Bands

1) Velvet Failure

2) Sensual Mistake

3) 4 Thick Dudes Just Makin' It Work, You Know?

4) I Don't Know, I Mean, the Way I See It, We Have GOT to Fuck

5) Right Direction. Wait... Is It? Did You Turn Left or Right on Thompson? Oh, Brilliant, It's the WRONG Direction. Un-fucking-believable.

6) Pow Pow Pow, Pachoo Pachoo Pachoo, You're All Dead From LOVE

7) Old Men in the Basement

8) 2 Dumb 2 Put Up a 10nt

9) Specific Onesie

10) Chainsaw Shaun and the Stump Lads

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