Saturday 7 July 2012

LISTICLE: The Ten Most Despised Baseball Players of All Time

1) Bubs Gregory (pitcher, New York Mets), who would often interrupt fun conversations at parties to quiz strangers on their political beliefs

2) Studs Boise (catcher, Los Angeles Dodgers), who would throw potlucks at his house and get annoyed with people who didn't bring anything homemade

3) Pip Stockwell (left fielder, Anaheim Angels), who would see people quietly leaving a party and shout at them "Hey, you takin' off?", and then they have to make a big deal out of leaving even though they clearly didn't want to

4) Tigger Jones (first baseman, Boston Red Sox), who would make a point of coming up to people at a party and starting a conversation, then forcing them to do most of the talking

5) Bugsy Kelvin (shortstop, Chicago Cubs), who would constantly look away from people while talking to them at a party and scan the crowd, as if searching for someone more interesting, making the person they're talking to feel like an asshole

6) Jugs Bingle (second baseman, Detroit Tigers), who would just walk away from someone at a party without being polite enough to make up an excuse like "I need to go to the bathroom" or "I need another drink", I mean Jesus fucking Christ it's the least you could do

7) Rigger Booth (center fielder, Philadelphia Phillies), who would always take games of Pictionary or Trivial Pursuit at parties WAY TOO SERIOUSLY and it's like hey moron COMPETITION MEANS NOTHING WHEN THERE IS NOTHING AT STAKE

8) Utey Bagoots (designated hitter, Milwaukee Brewers), who was once heard telling a woman at a party "You seem very... GENUINE, you know?" and was then heard to describe whatever year it was as "The Year of the Woman", and then got very cold when the woman mentioned her boyfriend

9) Hunk Nilon (right fielder, San Francisco Giants), who was often the only person at the party who wanted it to go past two o'clock, and still wouldn't leave until four, and even though he clearly wanted people to think "What a party animal!" they just thought "That is a sad man"

10) Jib Anson (third baseman, Houston Astros), who would show up at a party and not talk and stare sadly at everyone and it's like YOU DON'T NEED TO COME TO A PARTY IF YOU'RE NOT IN A GOOD MOOD PEOPLE UNDERSTAND TAKE THE REINS OF YOUR LIFE AND JUST DO YOU MAN JUST DO YOU

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