Sunday 29 July 2012

LISTORAMA: Ten Memorable Rap/Easy Listening Duets

1) DMX and Ringo Starr, "What Kind of Monster Doesn't Love Cotton Candy?"

2) Salt n' Pepa and Lee Greenwood, "Let's Not Talk About Sex, But Instead About How Lucky We Are To Be Living In The Old U.S.A."

3) Dr. Dre and Mike and the Mechanics, "Naughty Puppy Playground"

4) Nicki Minaj and Don Henley, "Let's Measure Our Inseams While High on Mescaline"

5) Drake and Jackson Browne, "Is It Weird That I'm Eating Popcorn At My Uncle's Surgery?"

6) Eminem and Anne Murray, "I Don't Know How I Managed To Cheat On My Wife While I Was In A Coma, But I Did"

7) Jay-Z and Air Supply, "Doing The Robot Ironically Isn't Funny Anymore"

8) Lil Wayne and Bryan Adams, "You Are Hereby Kicked Out Of The Supercool Army Dudes Treehouse Club!!!!!"

9) Vanilla Ice and Gordon Lightfoot, "Ha Ha, OK. Well, OK, Let's Give It A Rest Now. I Mean, We've Had Our Fun, But That's... Maybe Going A Bit Too Far. Heh Heh. Shut Up."

10) Kanye West and Neil Sedaka, "I Thought It Was Funny, But Then Again I've Ingested A Lot Of Hazardous Chemicals In My Job As A Bible Salesman"

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